The farming community have long led the nation in environmental stewardship. Cost effectively utilizing renewable energy resources can allow farming business to support stronger farming and family finances.


The U.S. Department of Energy categorizes geothermal heat pumps as a renewable source of energy. The earth absorbs the heat of the sun and stores it beneath the surface between 45 and 75 degrees, depending on the location.  The fluid that is run through the loops that are installed adjacent to your home or business absorbs this energy and transfers it in the form of heat in the winter.  In the summer, heat is extracted from your home or business and transferred back into the earth via that same loop system.  This transfer of the earth’s energy is renewable because of the abundant and ongoing absorption and storage of the sun’s energy. For more information visit: NREL or (click to leave site).


Geothermal heat pumps have been labelled by both the EnergyStar program as one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home or building. In fact it is about 400% more efficient than many HVAC systems in the market today.  Typically, a Terra-Therm system can deliver 45% more energy efficiency to your home or business than a gas furnace based HVAC system.  And we regularly see even 50-70% more energy efficiency than an oil furnace. Contact Terra-Therm today to evaluate your system efficiency levels and to explore how you can achieve superior energy efficiency.


Most manufacturers claim their products are durable.  However, TerraTherm geothermal heat pumps are designed to last equal to (or longer than) most other equipment on the market.  In fact, our heat pumps often exceed their 15 year design life by an additional 10 to 15 years.  The system requires minimal maintenance, so service agreements are not required by the homeowner or business.  In term of the loops, well, we have been in business for 30 years and have rarely seen the need for the loop to be replaced in that period of time.  Our colleagues in the industry, drillers, installers, and other manufacturers all believe that the loops will last at least 50 years or longer. 


A geothermal heat pump system uses a water based circulation pump and compressor to extract or release heat into your home or building. This is unlike traditional HVAC systems that use a fan to pull air over a compressor coil or through a furnace. The pump and compressor are housed in a cabinet that further insulates noise from the operation of the system.  Consequently, the noise levels are lower than a conventional HVAC system which utilizes a noisy fan for air circulation.  In fact, Terra-Therm geothermal systems, when installed correctly, are as quiet as your refrigerator. (Note, see if they have ever done sound testing and add any data available.)

Is Geothermal a fit for my farm?

For more than 20 years, we have served farming communities by providing highly efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems to help farmers cut their energy bills and maintain their farm legacy.

We can help you take the guesswork out of your heating and cooling expenses. In this volatile farming economy, installing a Terra-Therm geothermal heating and cooling system can help reduce your energy bills by harnessing the abundant supply of natural, renewable energy that is just below the earth’s surface. You can enjoy superior year-round comfort while preserving the land and the environment for future generations.

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